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Our new web sales site has been designed to be user friendly and easy to use however we have listed below some information on purchasing tickets. If you still have any queries or questions on this service please contact us .

How to Purchase tickets

  1. Select Home Games and then the game you wish to purchase tickets for.
  2. You have two options to select your seats either
    1. Choose your own seat(s) - this option will load a live seating plan and allow you to select your exact area and seating location as well as giving an indication of the view from your seat. Please note to access the live seating plan you may need to download the latest version of flash player from here.
    2. Best Available - simply choose your stand and preferred area and we will choose the best available seats.
  3. Once you have selected your tickets you will need to log in to identify yourself to the system. You require a customer number and password to purchase ticketing products online. If you are already registered, and have used this service before, please log in. Don't worry if you have forgotten your password; just follow the onscreen instructions.
    Fans that have never purchased tickets from Burnley before should click the 'Register' button and enter your details.
    If you have purchased tickets from Burnley before, but not via this online service, please contact us to receive your unique clarets number and password.
  4. Once logged in you will be able to indicate any concessions that are being purchased for supporters eligible for a concession ticket.
  5. When complete you will proceed to the checkout where you will need to enter your payment card details - please note we do not accept American Express - please do not press back or refresh during this process.
  6. When your sale is complete the confirmation page will be displayed and an email sent to you confirming your purchase and the ticket delivery/collection process - please keep this for records.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am having trouble logging in, what do I do?
If you are already registered for tickets online and you are having trouble logging in, try the following:

  • Check whether Caps Lock is activated on your keyboard. Passwords are case sensitive; so ensure that you are entering your password EXACTLY as you originally created it.
  • Ensure you have not accidentally added additional spaces when entering your password.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct customer number.

2. I am having trouble registering, what do I do?
If you have completed an online registration and your registration has not been successful this usually means that your details already exist on our system. The system will not allow duplicate records. Please contact the Ticket Office on 0871 221 1914.

3. I have purchased tickets from Burnley previously, how do I register for online ticket sales?
If you have purchased tickets from Burnley previously, then you have probably already been assigned a Clarets Number. To use tickets online simply contact the Ticket Office on 0871 221 1914 where one of our operators will be able to confirm your details and activate your customer number for online ticket sales.

4. What are cookies and must they be enabled in my web browser?
Cookies are used to store coded pieces of information that are then used to track the details of your purchase during the sales process. No personal information is contained within them.

5. How do I know my transactions are secure?
All transactions change to 'secure mode' as you log in. You can identify this by the padlock appearing in the lower edge of your browser. This is your assurance that no one can intercept your details and that you can change your personal information and make purchases via the online ticket system with confidence.