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Terms & Conditions - Match Hospitality

Burnley Football Club

Terms & Conditions - Match Hospitality & Special Events (POYA)


1.1. Payment should be made immediately to secure your booking
1.2. If any amount due is not received within the terms stated above, any contracts between the two parties may be terminated, resulting in the loss of any deposits previously paid, and any credit facilities held within the club will be frozen until the outstanding amounts are received. Late payment may also put at risk the availability of any future credit facilities with Burnley Football Club.
1.3. If there is a dispute on any invoice, the dispute should be communicated in writing to the Club Credit Controller, Accounts Department, Burnley Football Club, Turf Moor, Harry Potts Way, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 4BX within one week of the event. The dispute will be investigated and if it is established that the dispute is valid, a credit note or refund will be provided.


2.1. Cancellations by you will be charged as follows:
2.1.2. Events or packages where a deposit has been paid - Deposits paid will not be refunded. If you cancel within 28 days of the scheduled fixture or event, Burnley Football Club will retain 75% of the total booking value.
2.1.3. All other events where a deposit has not been paid (excluding seasonal packages)
a. If cancellation occurs between 4-6 weeks before the fixture/event 50% of the total booking value
b. If cancellation occurs between 2-4 weeks before the fixture/event 75% of the total booking value
c. If cancellation occurs less than 2 weeks before the fixture/event 100% of the total booking value
d. Cancellation of matchday dining packages within 3 days 100% of the value
2.1.4. In the event of an unexpected fixture change, we will notify you with the option to book the same facilities on a revised date. Upon receipt of this notice you must notify us within 48 hours of your intention to use the revised facility or not. If you are not using the facility, Burnley Football Club will refund any amounts received in full, otherwise payment terms stated above will apply.

2.2 Burnley Football Club reserves the right to cancel a booking if:
2.2.1. There is an invoice from a previous match/event, which is overdue for payment
2.2.2. Any part of the stadium is closed or otherwise unavailable due to events outside our control including, but not limited to fire/explosion/strikes or power cuts
2.2.3. You become insolvent, or in the case of individuals, become subject to a bankruptcy petitiion
2.2.4. The booking might damage the reputation of the club or the stadium
2.2.5. The Football Governing Bodies dictate that a match will be played which will render the facilities unavailable, or if the match has to be played on a different date
2.2.6. Burnley Football Club reserves the right to eject any person who, in their opinion is causing a nuisance or a danger to fellow guests or staff


3.1. In all suites, the sale of alcohol will end 15 minutes prior to kick-off. Drinks service will resume during the half-time interval and bars will re-open for the sale of alcohol for a maximum of 60 minutes after the fianl whistle. Times may vary and are subject to change at the discretion of the Lancashire Police and licensing authorities.
3.2. Entry to each lounge must be made through the correct entrance. Re-admittance to the stadium is not permitted. Movement between lounges is not permitted
3.3. Full food service will not be guaranteed to members who arrive less than 45 minutes before kick-off
3.4. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Turf Moor Stadium and facilities


4.1. All prices are subject to VAT where applicable
4.2. You are not permitted to act on behalf of a third party
4.3. You will be liable for all acts or emissions of your party and guests
4.4. Burnley Football Club reserves the right to close lounges and/or move members to alternative lounges if required. We will inform you of any such changes as far in advance as possible of the match to which they relate. 
4.5. In the event of an early kick off (before 3pm) it may be necessary for Burnley FC to cancel pre match groundtours